Blogger’s Note: A rape is as vicious an assault as can be, whoever is the victim and what may be the color of the skin, the stink on the breath of her assailant. In Kuwait, we have an OFW with the same courage and principles as “Nicole”. But she is very far away. Let’s pray for the Good Lord to give her strength to withstand the trauma and injustice of her ordeal. If you want to write letters of encouragement or thoughtful cards to our brave compatriot, you can course them through or mail/drop them off at Blas F. Ople Policy Center, 2295-G Roberts Street, Pasay City (near the back entrance of the DFA Building) and I’ll make sure it gets to her via the DFA and/or the Office of the Labor Attache.

Read on:

Press Release
Department of Foreign Affairs


28 December 2006 – The Department of Foreign Affairs has instructed the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait to exert all efforts in extending assistance to an 18-year old Filipina from Mindanao who is seeking justice against 15 Kuwaiti men who allegedly abducted and raped her on December 14, 2006 after she ran away from her employer.

The 15 suspects have been arrested and currently detained at the Al Mubarak Al Kabir Police Station. The Filipina is staying at the Embassy chancery with 24-hour protection service provided by its security officers,

Earlier, Secretary Alberto Romulo instructed Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Ricardo Endaya to engage the services of lawyers to represent the Filipina rape victim in the legal proceedings.

On December 26, the victim came face to face for the first time with all 15 suspects at the Kuwaiti Prosecution Department. During six hours of interrogation by the prosecutors, the Filipina victim, in the presence of Embassy officials and assisted by her Kuwaiti lawyer, stood “firm and solid” in positively identifying each of the suspects.

After the interrogation, the lawyer informed the Embassy officials that the Prosecution will formally file the case in court against the suspects. The legal counsel, Atty. Ayed Mohammad Al Subayie, added that the victim has “strong evidence” against the accused.

The rape victim, who requested that her identity be not disclosed, told the Kuwaiti press that she is determined to pursue the case against the suspects despite efforts of some people to settle the matter. End