Calibrated Pre-emptive Response

The executive branch suffered another blow with the Supreme Court’s decision against the administration’s Calibrated Preemptive Response (CPR). However, CPR has served its purpose. It has emboldened the police, leading them to make unlawful arrests, and in using their shields and night sticks to push and hit back at citizens who wanted to march to Mendiola, nearer to Malacanang’s door. Now that the days of CPR are over, what other responses are there?

Let’s see.

DTR — Daylight Time Response to stave off an energy crisis; this is easier than lifting EVAT on electricity, if not fuel, to give immediate relief to the people. Credit ratings agencies do not bother with time unless it means an extraordinary delay in meeting debt payments.

ISP – Immediate Shift to Parliament; this response envisions a Frst World Philippines as soon as we go parliament.

SIP — Stop Interim Parliament!; this response is the battlecry of Filipinos against Charter change.

CPK — Calibrated Pork Kasi!; LGUs and re-electionist congressmen and senators know where the pork is; the more visible you are in expressing support  to (or at the very least, witholding criticisms against) the administration, the faster and fatter your pork shall be!

 ASK — Ang Senado Kasi. This is the mantra of pro-Cha-cha advocates. The Senate is out to destabilize the country; watch out for these 23 senators. They may be armed and dangerous.

DPA — Death Penalty Abolition. The Church is enthralled, the Supreme Court Chief Justice is supportive. It has taken all of this time for such a decision to be made. Still, this response is a welcome development, especially for those who fear injections — the lethal kind, of course.

FGLG — the “Feeling Guwapo, Looking Gago” syndrome; response of many politicians who let their pr staff issue all kinds of reflex statements on their behalf to make them “feel guwapo”, only to end up “looking gago” once all sides to an issue emerge.

We live in exciting times, indeed. Can you think of other responses that will follow the path of the unlamented CPR?


Author: Susan Ople

Susan "Toots" Ople is the President of the Blas F. Ople Policy and Training Institute. She's an OFW and labor advocate based in the Philippines.

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  • gari

    Hi Toots,

    Should I say WBB [Welcome Back from Baguio]?

    Indeed we are living in an interesting time where people are fond of acronyms…and of course, the numbers as an adhjective: HYATT 10, BATASAN 6, SAGADA 11, SISTER ACT 1 and 2 and so on and on…

    You forgot the opposition got,

    TRG — Transitional Revolutionalry Governemnt as an alternative to Mrs. Arroyo as proposed by Laban ng Masa,

    RTG — Revolutionary Transitional Government as proposed by retired Gen. Abat;

    TC – Transitional Council as proposed by the Batasan 6…

    And am particularly sure, sooner or later, we will be enjoying SMBB [Sa Mamamayan Babalik ang Bayan]. Of course, that will happen if the PBB [Pinoy Big Brother] will not be a media craze. :-D


    SMB –

  • anna de brux

    Hello Toots,

    Just a bit curious – are you related to former DFA Secretary Blas Ople?

    Thanks. I enjoyed reading your blog above.

    Good luck.

  • toots ople


    TYVM! You are right…meron ding mga acronyms ang opposition.
    On both sides, uso din naman ang FGLG(Feeling Guwapo, Feeling Gago)syndrome.

    TC! GB!


  • toots ople

    Dear Debrux,

     Ka Blas was my dad.

     Thanks for asking and also for dropping by.